Exclusive Interview with Country Music Band ME AND MAE

June 17, 2019

Hi everyone!! 


I'm excited to share that New Country Spirit had the privilege of interviewing ME AND MAE, a Canadian Country Music band that currently has a new single out on country radio called "Where The Good Times Roll." This song currently has over 63,000 views on Youtube and it's so catchy! You can also find Me and Mae doing interviews with country radio stations promoting their new single AND they have upcoming tour dates which you can find in the interview. Learn more about Me and Mae below!




Me: Thanks so much for the opportunity to interview you. I'm wondering how did the band come together? 


Me and Mae: We are all from the lower mainland of BC. We came together with the common goal of playing to as many people as possible and creating strong original country rock songs. We wanted to have a name with the word “and” in the middle like Mumford and sons and we thought “Me and Mae” had a good ring to it. To be clear, there is no “Mae” in the band. It’s just the name of the band.  


Me: It definitely has a good ring! I'm curious to know what are some bands that have inspired you?


We love vocal driven country rock bands like the Eagles, Zac Brown Band and Alabama, to name a few. 


Me: I love those bands too! I'm loving your new single "Where The Good Times Roll", how did the song come together? 


Me and Mae: So glad you’re lovin the tune!

The song dates back to when we were in California a few years ago performing at the NAMM Show. The song came together on the way back from the performance, high on adrenaline and dopamine from the experience. We got back to the hotel and wrote it in less than 10 minutes! I wrote the song with Ben Parker. 


Me: WOW 10 mins that's amazing! I see you guys have a lot of tour dates coming up, it must be fun getting to tour around Canada and the US. I'm guessing with a group of 5 travelling together it can be close quarters, I'm wondering if you have any funny stories from being on the road that maybe our readers would want to know about?


Me and Mae: To keep things light, we like to play practical jokes on each other. For example, if someone stays too long in the bathroom on a rest stop, we’ll hide the van and not answer our phones. This has gotten some interesting reactions from bandmates who thought they were left behind!  


Me: That's so funny! I would definitely freak out haha. Do you have any upcoming tour dates after the promo tour? 


Me and Mae: Yes, you can find all our upcoming dates at www.meandmae.com 


Loved the opportunity to find out more about this band. Thanks so much for reading! You can check out their video for "Where The Good Times Roll" below or by following the link.



Owner of New Country Spirit




Yes, you can find all our upcoming dates at www.meandmae.com 


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Exclusive Interview with Country Music Band ME AND MAE

June 17, 2019

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