A beautiful, stunning aqua gradient ending in black is a perfect accent to this treble clef. Perfect for a music lover. This buckle would look great with our black snap belts! Measures approximately 3" by 2"

Treble Clef Buckle

C$30.00 Regular Price
C$21.00Sale Price
  • Buckle measures 3" x 2". Every buckle fits on any standard snap belt, and is removable, so you can swap out your buckle at whim! After doing the graphic work digitally, our artist puts the image on leather, and then coats the leather so it's durable. And exactly how does she get the image on leather? Magic, of course! The leather can withstand normal wear and tear, but please understand that leather is soft and is not dent-proof. As long as you do not take sharp pointy object to the surface, or swim with your belt buckle on, you should be fine! (As an aside: We would recommend keeping sharp pointy objects away from that area of your body as a general rule.)
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