Angels' Share Leather Flask Holder
Did you know that during the ageing process, a small amount of whiskey in each cask evaporates annually and is lost to the heavens? This is known as the “angels’ share".

Just like how whiskey makers hone their skills as craftsman to create a variety of spirits, our flask holder is artisan-made from the finest 100% genuine leather. It has been hand moulded, hand waxed, features contrast stitching and the edges have been burnished which only adds to the rich colour and uniqueness of each flask holder. The leather will only get better with age, much like a tightly barreled whiskey.

Angels' Share Flask Holder (Rugged Brown)

  • Measures 5" x 6" and can be slipped into your pocket or attached to your favourite New Country Spirit snap belt (see what we did there?!)

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Christina Lake, bc, canada